Take the minutes for youself – just stop and think – somewhere not far away from here, in Paberže, people lived  normal lives… it seems they have been already planned in advance. Nobody raised questions, what and how to do. All was trivial. No questions. You were born in hammer family– work, in teacher‘s – teach, farmer – work in fields. Hard? So what – one must work to eat.

Now everyting changed. Today the one celebrating one hundredth anniversary will feel as in  fairy tail. That one, where the Old goes for fish –must to carry something for the family… and here  and he gets the golden fish. She asks: “would you prefer to eat red spawn instead of fish? To live in a castle instead of old house, to forget boat and drive yacht?”

Today many live like they have been caught golden fish. And then you raise the main question: how they succeded?

Some ideas you can find in  great businessmen biographies that are so similar to fairy tales. But not all the things you should know… still there are some interesting facts you wll find:

You should not have MBA diploma. Ray Kroc established “McDonald’s” in the times, when you can star your business without Master degree, as Harvardo university alumni have not yet built the myth about the MBA as the only condition to have a start-up.

You should not have the highest IQ. IKEA owner and head Ingvar Kamprad, his assets have been evaluated more then 40 billion dolars, dėl ligos turėjo labai prastą atmintį ir nuolat prašydavo pagalbininkų užrašyti, ką buvo sutaręs ar nusprendęs.

Your parents should not be entrepreneurs. Henry Ford grew in farmer family. After his father told his son about the wish to see him as a farmer, his hope was broken twice: H. Ford has chosen to start business comapny and the second time when he told that the only reason to love farm – this is the place where he meets his mother.

You do not have to be a man. Estee Lauder has established one of the greatest beauty corporation in the world, she in 1998 was presented in the TOP 10 most influential entrepreneurs in the world.

You do not have to work hard. Donald Trump bought real estate in Swifton village in 1962 m. for 5,7 mln. Dolors in 1972 m. sold it for 6,75 mln. dolars.

It seems that it is easy to observe the things that do not work correct, but to find out the reasons of success much more challengable. Thus we believe, that our team have for years to develop observation skills and are ready to share with you our findings.  We invite you to join our trip to business ocean and find holly grail.