For all achievments we are appreciated to our partners and friends.
Special thanks for Lithuanian Ministry of Science and Education, European Parlament information centre in Lithuania, European Commision representative in Lithuania, Youth Affairs Departament under Social Affairs and Labour, Agency of Youth international cooperation, Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

Also we are very thankful for:

  • companies: TEO LT, “Hewlett-Packard” , „TMD Partners“, “Santa Monica Networks“, „Gaumina“, „Skubios siuntos“ “Arvielė”, “Makveža”, “Kadabra”, „LTM Garments“ and others.
  • Public sector organisations and institutions: Vilniaus Gedimino Technical University, College of Social sciences, Lithuanian youth center, Litthuanian Free Market institute, „Enterprise Lithuania“, „Startup Higway“, European information Office in Lithuania, Lithuanian board of youth organisations (LIJOT), Center for social and economical development, „Investors Forum“, „Danske Bank“, Vilnius board game club, European enterpreneurship asociation.
  • Information partners: business daily newspaper “Verslo Žinios”, news agency „Baltic News Service“, newspaper “15 minučių”, magazine “BZN start“, Eurodesk Lietuva.
  • Mamber of European Parliament: Zigmantas Balčytis, Šarūnas Birutis, Justas Vincas Paleckis.

Also big thanks and hugs to all people that helped us to achieve our goals and create new dreams. Thank you for young people for their motivation and teacher for helping to inspire.