I’m interested in enrepreneurship and business – I am sure that business helps us to listen to each other, helping to create space ships, find what you like and do you know the best, and self development. Also, business is a tool know better your family and friends, people you love.
We – PROFAT team, believe that it is interesting to share insights on how to develop personal creativity, to create innovative environment, to find motives to help your neighbor. We try to help share the experience with people who have already started to implemented their business ideas. We help to communicate and workk in our usual way: with honestly, attentiveness, and openness.
We believe that entrepreneurship – the ability to understand and manage your personal skills for creation the tangible value. While entrepreneurship is not measurable in money or other convertable currency, obviously, that’s it – our comfortable everyday necessity.
PROFAT – this is a community that helps with experts to evaluate our business idea. It will provide an experienced advice of „business wolf“, develop your entrepreneurial skills, create an informal environment where we share thoughts and insights about business.
Once again we are using this opportunity to thank everyone working together. Our business partners, helping to reveal successful business models unseen the naked eye; of education professionals (teachers and trainers), with whom we share the experience of the entrepreneurial environment and human development approaches, our funders, who help each year to develop new projects.
Of course, we have lots of new ideas, which will be implemented in the nearest future. So, as soon as at least intuitively feel that you are ready for the new experience of the business oceans, join us.

Inspired by entrepreneurship,
Lina Mačernienė
Head of PROFAT